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Outdoor applications:

We often receive requests for exterior seating pieces. Many of our benches and chairs can be built to stand up to the harsh natural elements by utilizing the proper materials. We strongly encourage the use of stainless steel for all metal components. Although lighter in color then our mild steel with a blackened patina, stainless steel has the physical properties to prevent rust oxidation. This is critical for maximizing the lifespan and appearance of our quality crafted exterior objects. With a clean attractive brushed finish, our stainless steel option is the best long term material for exterior pieces.

Regarding the choice of woods for bench slats, we supply the two resilient options of Ipe and Teak. These two tropical hardwoods are extremely dense and naturally resistant to rot, insects, UV exposure, ice, salt, abrasion, and splintering, all without the need for toxic preservative chemicals. We utilize exposed stainless steel mechanical fasteners to secure all our hardwood slats to a steel substrate (click here for example). We do this to avoid the use of adhesives that may fail over time and to allow wood parts to be removed if for refinishing or replacing. We commonly treat all exterior wood components with a durable satin marine grade varnish. Although we use multiple coats of the highest quality exterior finish available to achieve a bright rich look, all finishes degrade with time, because of this we recommend routine annual cleaning and finish reconditioning every two to three years.

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